CMS™ 400
Leased Access Manager
  • PC based WAN manager for leased access products
  • Analog/digital leased lines
  • Supports Excalibur® DAPs
  • EDRS dial back-up restoral
  • Real-time status display
  • Reports and graphs
  • Supports Microsoft Windows 95/98 and Windows NT
  • Up to 16 operator workstations

Simple Management of Complex Leased Line Networks
The Leased Access Manager provides extensive management capabilities and total control over your leased-line network via the Milgo Communications Management Series (CMS®) 400. From a PC, you can configure, monitor, diagnose, and control your entire leased-line network from a central location.

The Leased Access Manager provides features to monitor and control Milgo Solutions leased-line and short-haul modems and digital access products for DSU/CSU applications.

Color graphic displays present information on all aspects of network activity. By quickly identifying network failures, the Leased Access Manager allows you to resolve network problems in less time, thus providing better service to your users.

Architected for Interoperability
The Leased Access Manager is one of several element management modules supported by the CMS 400. The system's modular architecture allows integration of diverse Milgo LAN/WAN technologies under a common monitoring and control management structure…providing flexible global network control.

Leased Analog Modem Management
The Milgo elements, such as medium speed modems, intelligent high-speed modems, and short-haul modems, are completely controlled by the Leased Access Manager. Strapping, configuration, testing and other functions on any element in the network can be managed from the central site. Additionally, the unsolicited alarms associated with the devices are reported back to the CMS 400 automatically.

Excalibur® Digital Access Products (DAPs)
Digital networks require comprehensive management, testing and control features; Milgo Excalibur DAPs are fully-manageable by the Leased Access Manager.

Excalibur Line Quality Statistics
The Leased Access Manager line quality statistics feature allows you to precisely measure and graphically display the quality of a digital transmission line.

Statistics collected and displayed include digital line statistics for network availability, signal out of service codes, abnormal station codes, receive line, network framing errors, unknown control codes, service loop not active, network resynchronization, and network resyncs per unit.

Line availability information, such as bipolar violations and drop outs, is collected by the individual DAPs and reported by request to the CMS 400. Specific line problems can be identified before failures occur…avoiding the need for expensive line test equipment.

Excalibur Dial Restoral Management
The integrated dial backup Excalibur Dial Restoral System (EDRS) for Excalibur DAPs can significantly reduce your network downtime by routing data transmission to a pooled analog or digital backup facility whenever a dedicated circuit fails. You can establish concurrent dial backup connections for up to four circuits (with up to 16 drops each) per chassis. In a 6-chassis system (one full rack), up to 24 circuits can be in dial backup at the same time.

The Leased Access Manager gives you the ability to manage dial backup operations for single port and multiport DAPs in both point-to-point and multidrop applications. You can detect line failure conditions, initiate dial backup, monitor the dedicated line status, and disconnect the dial backup lines.

Multiplexer Management
When Milgo multiplexers are managed by the Leased Access Manager, you can:

Fault Management
The Leased Access Manager continuously communicates with all leased-line elements for exception conditions. Early warning of potential line problems and network outages is provided by user-defined threshold values. For remote units, line parameter monitoring is accomplished on the secondary, out-of-band channel and is noninterruptive to main channel data flow.

Utilizing a complete repertoire of testing and monitoring procedures, the CMS 400 can pinpoint any network problem quickly.

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