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Black Box's 4-port Hardened Gigabit Ethernet Switches give IT professionals reliable network connections in rugged indoor environments with temperature extremes of -10° to +70°C. They come in IP31-rated enclosures that can be DIN-rail mounted or wall mounted. For redundancy, the switches have dual DC power inputs for automatic failovers. For scalability, they have an SFP port for single-mode or multimode Gigabit fiber uplinks up to 30 kilometers away.

The Switches can be used in any number of industrial applications, such as:
  • • Security and surveillance.
  • • Military applications.
  • • Factory automation.
  • • Oil and gas fields.
  • • Building automation.
Two switches are available: a Standard model (LGH1004A) and a model with a (4) PoE+ ports (LPH1004A).

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Black Box's CAT6A channel solution is ETL Verified for CAT6A performance, including 6-around-1 ANEXT testing. The guaranteed-for-life channel gives users a high-quality, long-lasting cabling solution for demanding applications such as 10-Gigabit Ethernet, VoIP, broadcasting, and PoE/PoE+.

For quality assurance, Black Box puts both its channel and its bulk cable through separate ETL verification testing. The channel includes component-level horizontal UTP bulk cable and F/UTP patch cable. Both are rated at 650-MHz, far exceeding the TIA specification of 500 MHz. The TAA-compliant patch cables feature LockPORT™ boots, which gives users the optional ability to lock network ports when necessary. The rest of the channel consists of component-level CAT6A jacks that fit into a patch panel with a staggered-port design to minimize ANEXT and improve performance.

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The WRT4000 Series Cellular Wireless Routers from Black Box provide a single-box solution for Internet/WAN access in harsh and remote environments where it is difficult or impractical to get wired Internet access. Anywhere users get cellular reception, they can set up a network. Industrial and commercial models are available for all major carriers.

The routers can be used for:
  • • A primary network with IP/WAN connectivity.
  • • A backup to a wired network.
  • • Remote control and data acquisition.
  • • Wireless backhaul of IP security camera traffic.
  • • Temporary/mobile networks, such as kiosks and digital signage.

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Black Box's pre-terminated, plug-and-play MTP® MPO-style products are designed to simplify high-density fiber deployment in data centers. The products offer the user a path for transitioning from traditional LC and SC connectors in Gigabit networks to high-density MPO connectors for 10-GbE networks and future 40-GbE networks. The line features enhanced MTP® MPO-style connectors for better performance.

The solution includes:

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Extend digital signals long distances over the network. Agility KVM-over-IP transmitters and receivers extend DVI, digital KVM, and USB over CATx cable up to 330 feet, and farther with the addition of network switches. On top of the high-performance LAN access, the new Agility with VNC port (ACR1012A-T) transmitter also enables additional out-of-band remote management access using a low-bandwidth VNC connection from a secondary network. The Agility system also incorporates the Agility Controller with a plug-and-play management suite, iPATH™. The controller enables remote, secure configuration of the transmitters and receivers, turning the Agility into an IP-based matrix switch.

This high-performance KVM system delivers no-loss compression, pixel-perfect video with digital resolutions up to 2560 x 1600 over a LAN. The new VNC device also supports redundant link support and bandwidth aggregation. Multiple users can access multiple systems and servers that are far away, enhancing collaboration.

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Extend uncompressed HD video over CATx up to 492 feet (150 m) with the Black Box DisplayPort Extender (ACU5800A). For extension applications where a crisp display is vital, this system sends each pixel of each frame without loss. The receiver supports DisplayPort Dual Mode (DP++), and can be used with HDMI or DVI monitors (adapter cable needed). Simplify cabling needs by transmitting video, USB, and audio over one CATx cable, and USB 2.0 over a second cable. Using two cables also increases video bandwidth for faster transmission.

Transmit two 1920 x 1200 video streams or one high-resolution (2560 x 1600) video stream, plus digital or analog audio, Hi-Speed 2.0, and USB 2.0. Intelligent EDID management communicates true resolutions from the monitor to the computer. Plug-and-play setup makes this extender simple to install. Like all KVM extenders, this DisplayPort extender enables users to locate critical computing hardware in a secure environment

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