RoHS Compliance

The following Products are either Compliant, Exempt or *Available under the RoHS Directive.

SkuCodeRoHS Compliance
0-07-134837-9 Exempt
0-07-134915-4 Exempt
0-07-2225238 Exempt
0-07-2229578 Exempt
0-07-2230207 Exempt
0-07-2230835 Exempt
0-07-2256753 Exempt
0-7645-0476-2 Exempt
0-7645-1677-9 Exempt
0-8493-9987-4 Exempt
0-936648-72-4 Exempt
0-936648-96-1 Exempt
007142038X Exempt
0071431918 Exempt
0072131888 Exempt
0072227311 Exempt
0072230002 Exempt
00855 Exempt
00942 Exempt
00946 Exempt
00989 Exempt
01-0241 Compliant
01-0241-W1 Exempt
01-0241-W3 Exempt
01-0243 Compliant

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*Compliance Level of 'Available' requires the specification of 'RoHS compliant product' when ordering.

RoHS Compliance
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