Friday, February 04, 2005

Black Box Publishes New Wireless Catalog

PITTSBURGH, PENNSYLVANIA, February 4, 2005 - Black Box Corporation (NASDAQ: BBOX) announced today that it is mailing a new specialty catalog devoted to wireless networking products and installation services.

Black Box has expanded its wireless offerings, and this new catalog showcases both new and existing wireless networking products all in one place. The 176-page catalog is aimed at IT personnel in businesses of all types and sizes.

The catalog's comprehensive new product line addresses the growing demand for wireless connectivity. Because of recent upgrades in wireless standards, wireless networking is now much faster and more secure than ever. Wireless users now have the freedom to connect to the Internet and their networks without worrying about slow connection speeds and secure access. In addition, wireless networks also provide an effective solution for networking where it's cost prohibitive or structurally difficult or even impossible to run wires.

In keeping with Black Box's long-standing tradition of educating its clients, the catalog features an extensive array of wireless solutions. One section is devoted entirely to diagrams for different wireless network applications, such as historic building, classroom, temporary, and interbuilding networks. Other sections focus on the hardware needed to set up a wireless network, how to connect a wireless network to a wired network, and the accessories needed to complete the network. The catalog also includes a wireless Technical Reference section.

For clients who want help installing or upgrading a wireless network, Black Box also offers start-to-finish services from design through installation and maintenance.

Black Box's catalogs have won numerous awards in recent years, including Catalog Age magazine's Catalog of the Year for the 2003-2004 BLACK BOX Catalog and top honors in the Computer Equipment and Software category nine years in a row.

For a copy of the Wireless catalog, call 724-746-5500. For information on Black Box's 90,000+ products, data and voice network services, monthly specials, technical support, or to order any Black Box catalog, log on to blackbox.com.

Black Box also offers comprehensive technical support, including 24/7/365 FREE hotline Tech Support, and 24/7/365 on-site support for maintenance and emergencies.

Black Box is the world's largest technical services company dedicated to designing, building and maintaining today's complicated data and voice infrastructure systems. Black Box services 152,000 clients in 141 countries with 122 offices throughout the world. To learn more, visit the Black Box website at www.blackbox.com.

Black Box and the double diamond logo are registered trademarks of BB Technologies, Inc.

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