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Black Box Network Services is committed to your complete satisfaction. That's why we provide the highest quality products supported by our FREE Tech Support hotline and backed by the industry's best warranties. If you're not 100% satisfied, simply let us know, and we will make it right.

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Connect with guaranteed-for-life CAT5e and CAT6 channel solutions that meet or exceed the standards!


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Black Box Explains
  • Video extenders with built-in skew compensation.
  • Coax connectors.
Digital Visual Interface (DVI) connectors.
  • DVI-D is a digital-only connector for use between a digital video source and monitors. DVI-D eliminates analog conversion and improves the display. It can be used when one or both connections are DVI-D.
  • DVI-I (integrated) supports both digital and analog RGB connections. It can transmit either a digital-to-digital signals or an analog-to-analog signal. It is used by some manufacturers on products instead of separate analog and digital connectors. If both connectors are DVI-I, you can use any DVI cable, but a DVI-I is recommended.
  • DVI-A (analog) is used to carry an DVI signal from a computer to an analog VGA device, such as a display. If one or both of your connections are DVI-A, use this cable. ?If one connection is DVI and the other is ?VGA HD15, you need a cable or adapter ?with both connectors.
  • DFP (Digital Flat Panel) was an early digital-only connector used on some displays.
  • EVC (also known as P&D, for ?Plug & Display), another older connector, handles digital and analog connections.
  • Digital Visual Interface (DVI) connectors.
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