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Feel like you’re trying to put a square peg in a round hole?

At Black Box Network Services, we know that sometimes an off-the-shelf solution just won’t do. That’s why we built more than 150,000 custom products last year alone.

We’re committed to making sure you get exactly what you need for your specific application. Our Tech Support experts are here anytime, their advice is FREE, and they’re ready to help you every step of the way.

For details on custom products or services, click here or call our FREE Tech Support at 724-746-5500.

Our extensive range of custom capabilities includes:

Cables, Adapters, & Faceplates

Click here for our Custom Cables and Adapters Brochure.

Click here for our Custom Cable and Adapter Configurators.

Patch cables
Many categories of UTP patch cables can be custom pinned, cut to specific lengths, even color coordinated. Need pink cross-pinned CAT5e exactly 46 inches long? Black Box Network Services is your source.

Terminated multistrand fiber optic cable
Multistrand fiber optic cable can be factory terminated with ST®, SC, LC, or MT-RJ connectors. This provides more consistent results than field termination and saves installation time.

Multicolor fiber optic patch cables
These cables come in 12 standard colors, and Black Box also provides color matching. Available in three core sizes, 10 connector combinations, and 13 lengths. Click here for the Multicolor Patch Cable Brochure.

Bundled CAT5e and CAT6 cables
Up to six individual UTP cables can be bundled and wrapped on one spool for more efficient installation.

Custom feed-through faceplates
We’ll build configurations with the connectors of your choice: CAT5e, CAT6, fiber optic, VGA, audio, S-Video, and more.

Custom cable colors
Need bulk CAT5e/CAT6 cable in purple, black or even camouflage? Just ask. We’ll even match Pantone® colors.

Cut-to-length bulk fiber optic cable
Eliminate waste—order your distribution style, interlocking armored, indoor/outdoor, or duplex fiber cable cut to the exact length for your application.

Coax cable assemblies built to order
Coax cable assemblies can be customized with any number or combination of RG-58, RG-59, and RG-60 connectors.

DB25 and DB9 cables
Specialty serial applications often demand special cables. Count on Black Box Network Services for just the connectors, pinning, and cable length you need.

Cabinets & Accessories

If a standard cabinet doesn’t fit the bill, Black Box Network Services will supply you with a cabinet tailored to your exact specifications. Click here for our Cabinet Configurator.

Cabinet accessories
Save time and expense by having us install accessories such as power strips, shelves, fans, and lights in your Black Box® cabinet.

Video Splitters

We’ll customize video splitters with exactly the number and kind of video channels you require.

Manual Switches

We’ll configure manual switches specifically for your application with the exact number and type of connectors you need. Click here for the Custom Switch form.


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