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When it comes to your network, you can’t afford not to make the right connections. An inferior structured cabling system can cause up to 70% of network downtime, even though the system represents only 5% of the initial network investment.

That’s why you should call Black Box Network Services for our channel solutions. Our channel solutions consist of components engineered to meet or exceed all requirements for their respective grades. And to back up our performance claims, we guarantee—for life—all the products in our channel solutions.

What is a channel solution?

A channel solution is a cabling system from the data center to the desktop in which every cable, jack, and patch panel is designed to work together and give you consistent, end-to-end performance when compared with the EIA/TIA requirements.

Why buy your channel solutions from Black Box?

A supplier may claim its products meet CAT5e or CAT6 requirements, but the proof is in the performance. At Black Box Network Services, our GigaBase® CAT5e and GigaTrue® CAT6 Channel Solutions are actually ETL Verified. This means that four times a year, an independent testing lab comes into our warehouse and randomly picks the products that will be put through a rigorous passive testing process.

During passive testing, the data is sent through the channel to see how the products compare with the requirements in the CAT5e or CAT6 specifications and to pinpoint how much headroom the channel solutions provide above those specifications. With our GigaBase and GigaTrue channel solutions, the result is the same in every test: They pass with zero errors, and that testing confirms that there’s ample headroom. This means that our cabling, jacks, and other channel components will serve you well both now and in the future—guaranteed.

Want to find out more?

» Download our GigaBase CAT5e flyer.
» Download our GigaTrue CAT6 flyer.


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