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The System Integrator Program from Black Box Network Services features
five partnership levels. The more you purchase, the more you save!

The System Integrator Program has been designed specifically to aid in the development of strategic partnerships between Black Box Network Services and qualifying System Integrators and to enhance the IT solutions System Integrators can provide to their clients.

To qualify as a Black Box System Integrator, all the following requirements must be met:
1. All products purchased from Black Box under the System Integrator discount program
must be for resale to the Integrator’s customers.

2. Integrators must provide a valid vendor’s license from the state(s) in which they operate.

3. Integrators must provide a completed Tax Exemption Certificate from the state(s) in which they operate
stating that the purpose of exemption is that the product purchased is for resale to the Integrator’s customers.

4. Integrators must promote the use of Black Box products within their IT solutions.

5. Integrators must submit the Black Box System Integrator Application and their Vendor’s License,
and sign our Integrator Agreement.

6. Integrators must have a business model of providing turnkey IT solutions, including, without limitation,
value-added engineering, implementation services, and maintenance of installed systems.

7. Integrators must complete the Black Box product training program.

8. Integrators must execute the Black Box System Integrator Agreement.

9. Integrators must be incorporated and do business in the continental United States.

10. Integrators must be approved by Black Box in Black Box’s sole discretion, as evidenced by Black Box’s
execution of the Black Box System Integrator Agreement.

Non-U.S. Integrator Partners: click here.


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Black Box Explains
  • NEMA ratings for enclosures.
  • Use one set of twisted-pair wires for both data and low-wattage appliances.
  • In addition to the applications noted above, PoE also works well for video surveillance, building management, retail video kiosks, smart signs, vending machines, and retail point-of-information systems.
  • Save money by eliminating the need to run electrical wiring.
  • Easily move an appliance with minimal disruption.
  • If your LAN is protected from power failure by a UPS, the PoE devices connected to your LAN are also protected from power failure.

  • Converters and Scalers Selector
    PoE Standards PoE
    IEEE 802.3 af
    PoE IEEE 802.3 at
    Power available at powered device 12.95 W 25.5
    Maximum power delivered 15.40 W 34.20
    Voltage range at powred source 44.0-57.0 V 50.0-57.0 V
    Voltage range at powred device 37.0-57.0 42.5-57.0 V
    Maximum current 350 mA 600 mA
    Maximum cable resistance 20 ohms 12.5 ohms
Power over Ethernet (PoE).
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