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Black Box makes it easy to build integrated systems.

When you team with Black Box, you put a mature, worldwide organization with 36 years of experience to work for you. As the largest independent provider of voice and data network services with deep roots in networking products, Black Box can help you integrate systems from start to finish.

We’re committed to working with you and have an extensive program designed for your success. It starts with products and profits and extends to our dedicated support team and FREE Tech Support hotline. Our goal is simple: We want you to consider Black Box an important part of your business.

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Learn more about the advantages of being a Black Box system integrator. Download the Black Box System Integrator Program brochure.

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Program Requirements
Learn the requirements needed to join the Black Box System Integrator Program.

Join the Black Box System Integrator Program and get the savings and support you need for success!

• Download our System Integrator Enrollment Application.

Black Box training programs are customized to fit the needs of each integrator.

System Integrator Program Benefits

More than 500 system integrators nationwide have found Black Box to be a good business fit for providing key components within their integrated solutions. Black Box has the network infrastructure expertise to expand the scope of your projects, too.

• Five partnership levels, determined by purchase volume. The more you purchase, the more you save.
• Price protection on solutions you develop using Black Box products.
• With discounts from Black Box, you’ll be more competitive than ever when trying to win projects.

• FREE Tech Support hotline available 24/7, on the phone at 724-746-5500 or on-line. Speak with an expert in 30 seconds or less!
• Black Box can provide the expertise in technologies outside your core business to expand the scope of your projects.
• Joint sales calls, customer conferences, product demonstrations, and schematic system diagrams for Black Box solutions are available.
• Product sales training customized to meet the needs of your team.

• We provide standard product pricing the day you request it.
• Same-day shipping on 95% of all in-stock items.
• Custom products are our specialty—we built 150,000 custom products last year alone!
• Back office support services, including staging, kitting, preassembly, and product configuration are available.


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Black Box Explains
  • Video extenders with built-in skew compensation.
  • Coax connectors.
Digital Visual Interface (DVI) connectors.
  • DVI-D is a digital-only connector for use between a digital video source and monitors. DVI-D eliminates analog conversion and improves the display. It can be used when one or both connections are DVI-D.
  • DVI-I (integrated) supports both digital and analog RGB connections. It can transmit either a digital-to-digital signals or an analog-to-analog signal. It is used by some manufacturers on products instead of separate analog and digital connectors. If both connectors are DVI-I, you can use any DVI cable, but a DVI-I is recommended.
  • DVI-A (analog) is used to carry an DVI signal from a computer to an analog VGA device, such as a display. If one or both of your connections are DVI-A, use this cable. ?If one connection is DVI and the other is ?VGA HD15, you need a cable or adapter ?with both connectors.
  • DFP (Digital Flat Panel) was an early digital-only connector used on some displays.
  • EVC (also known as P&D, for ?Plug & Display), another older connector, handles digital and analog connections.
  • Digital Visual Interface (DVI) connectors.
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