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Black Box Network Services makes it easy to win your customers’ business.

When you team with Black Box Network Services, you reap the benefits of Black Box’s extensive line of products, multiple pricing programs, and unrivaled support services that focus on you—and your customers. We’re committed to working with you, the Reseller, and have an extensive program designed for your success. It starts with products and profits and extends to our dedicated Reseller Support Team and free Tech Support experts. Our goal is simple: We want you to consider Black Box an important part of your business.

Learn more about the advantages of being a Black Box reseller. Download the Black Box Reseller Program brochure.

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Program Details
» Learn how you gain more business when you team up with Black Box Network Services. Get the details here.
» You can also download the Black Box Reseller Program brochure.
» For a quick glance at our product offerings, download our line card.

Product Discount Schedule
We offer steep Reseller discounts with five discount levels and many sale programs to fit your exact needs.

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Deal Registration Programs
» Get the very best pricing we extend to any Reseller.
» Complete one of our Deal Registration applications:
—  Commercial; Federal, State & Local Government;
 K–12 and Higher Education

—  International (for non-U.S. partners)

Training & Support
We support your sales efforts with in-person training, on-line training, events, Webinars, and more.

Data Feeds
» CNET Channel Online™ subscription service
» VARStreet subscription service
» Free Black Box Connect™

Black Box Reseller Applications
Become a Black Box Reseller. Download our Reseller Application.

Resellers based outside of the U.S.: Please click here.


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  • Shielded vs. unshielded cable.

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