Put critical network ports under lock and key with LockPORT Security Patch Cables.

Layer 1 security tool

  • •  Prevent unauthorized network access.
  • •  Stop accidental disconnects.
  • •  Safeguard wireless, PoE, and security connections.
  • •  Ideal for public areas in hospitals, airports, hotels, shops, and more.
  • •  Lock up classroom cables.
  • •  Protect network connections in co-location data centers.
  • •  Guaranteed for life!

Two levels of security

Key Lock Cables

  • •  Use for absolute security.
  • •  Once locked, they stay locked until you release them with a “key.”

Secure Lock Cables

  • •  Prevent accidental disconnects.
  • •  A special clip secures the cable, but it doesn’t require a “key.”

Port Locks

  • •  Secure unused network ports from unauthorized access.
  • •  Requires a removal tool.


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