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Route digital video plus audio from multiple sources to one or more displays.
Switching systems from Black Box offer greater control in applications where you need to quickly switch both video and audio from various DVI sources for output on a single or multiple displays. There's no need to manually move DVI cables to display video from another source on an HD display. Do it electronically with a push of a button, IR remote, or via RS-232 signals on a computer – depending on the model.

A variety of DVI switches for all of your needs

Select from DVI switches with audio, DVI switches with audio and serial control, DVI matrix switches with audio, or DVI matrix switches with audio and serial control.

Matrix solutions for demanding DVI applications

Ideal for point-to-point to multi-point applications, matrix switches allow you to direct any input to any output. Easily route video signals from two, four, or eight DVI sources to eight, four, or two DVI display devices (LCDs, projectors, etc.) and speakers. Available DVI matrix switches:

EDID management for optimized displays

Take advantage of full extended display identification data (EDID) simulation and memory. Use Black Box video switches with the newest EDID-capable screens to ensure your source devices are optimized for the connected screens.

HDCP-compliant video switches

Protect your digital audio and video content against unauthorized interception and copying. Choose HDCP-compliant switches to output secure video and audio, depending on the device, from Blu-ray™ players or other HDCP sources.

Zero signal degradation

The DVI matrix switch, 8 x 8, with audio handles any resolution up to WUXGA (1920 x 1200) without any signal degradation.

DVI Video Switches

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