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Wireless Presentation System

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Make easy wireless presentations a reality in your conference room. The Wireless HDMI Presentation System enables up to 32 users to wirelessly present from their PCs to your group. The device functions as a wireless receiver and an access point.

Works with a wide variety of projectors and displays

Since the Wireless HDMI Presentation System has both HDMI and VGA connectors, you can use it with a wide variety of projectors and displays. Depending on your application, you can connect it to your wired Ethernet LAN. Or, users can connect to your wireless 802.11b/g/n network.

Simple, hassle-free setup

Just link a PC/Mac to the presentation system through a WLAN or an Ethernet connection, and plug the USB token into a USB port. In just two simple steps your presentation is shared.

Take your presentation on the road

Need a portable option? Perfect for presentation sharing – the compact Micro Wireless VGA Presentation Tool plugs into any display or projector with a VGA port. The handy tool projects laptop video from where you sit – up to 300 feet (91.4 m) away under optimum conditions.

Wireless Presentation Tools

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