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Extend HDMI video over an IP network.

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MediaCento IPX Introduction

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MediaCento IPX Video Extenders

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Multicast AV-Over-IP Solution

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The MediaCento IPX product line from Black Box includes devices that compress and encode source video for extending over a LAN using lossless compression technology. They can be for multicast distribution (multicast) or point to point (unicast).

Use existing infrastructure to support HDMI signals

This system enables HDMI extension over an IP network to a virtually unlimited number of screens. Choose to seamlessly distribute signals for unicast, multicast, or video walls.

Create dazzling video walls

Extend HDMI video and USB over an IP network to a virtually unlimited number of screens and video walls.

Eliminate external power supplies

The MediaCento IPX PoE series can be powered using standard PoE network technology. The PoE network switch included in the kit completely eliminates the need for external power supplies, making the installation even easier.

Effortlessly add USB applications

USB compatibility for connecting monitors, keyboards, touchscreens, and other standard USB 2.0 and 1.1 devices.

Easy to set up and use

There's no need to configure any IP settings – although more experienced users can do that if needed. Simply use rotary switches to set the transmitter and receivers to the same multicast channel and all IP multicasting settings are automatically configured; then just connect your source, your display(s), and the network switch. It's ready to go!

One solution, many uses

Video over IP solutions are great for:
• Any digital signage application with a screen in a different building or store.
• Distributing high-quality medical imaging video across a hospital campus.
• Streaming video to classrooms in schools.
• Sharing video in command and control room setups.
• Corporate video sharing and training.

HDMI over IP

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