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Transmit your HDMI signals farther.

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Black Box Explains HDMI

The High-Definition Multimedia Interface is the first digital interface to combine uncompressed high-definition video, up to eight channels of uncompressed digital audio, and intelligent format...

These transmitter/receiver combos enable you to send HDMI video from a PC or other source devices to remote screens. Select from IP, CATx-based, fiber-based, and wireless video extenders.

Seamless signal distribution with HDMI over IP

The MediaCento system enables HDMI extension over an IP network to a virtually unlimited number of screens. Choose to seamlessly distribute signals for unicast, multicast, or video walls.

Inexpensive wiring

CATx-based extenders convert the signal for extension over CAT5 or higher-grade cable, which enables you to use inexpensive wiring for your long-distance extensions.

Noise immunity and a high level of security

Fiber-based extenders (or transceivers) convert and distribute AV signals over interference-free fiber cabling at very long distances. If your applications require greater distance, high-speed transmission, real-time high video resolution, security, and noise immunity, the 3D HDMI Fiber Extender is for you.

Enhanced meeting collaboration

Start making easy wireless presentations a reality in your conference room with wireless video extenders. Give users a simple way to project the presentations on their PCs wirelessly to your group.

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MediaCento IPX Controller


Turn your IP-based MediaCento IPX transmitters and receivers into an IP-based matrix switch and video wall controller.

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