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Convert and scale component video signals for high-definition video displays.
Ensure resolutions are accurately framed for a newer display type. Readily connect component-based devices such as gaming systems or Blu-ray player with analog video to your HDMI TV or monitor.

Stream video from older standard definition equipment

Select Black Box Scalers accept both TV and PC inputs and scales them to your desired high-resolution output. Ideal for streaming video from older standard definition equipment, such as DVD or disc players, VCRs, or camcorders, so it looks great on a larger, more advanced display.

Optimize picture settings

With the included IR remote controller, navigate through an on-screen display menu of controls for resolutions as well as video-correction tools. Adjust color, pixel clock, pixel phase, aspect ratio, and other settings, and set it up to scale the picture to the maximum value automatically. Or, manually select non-standard and unsupported video modes. See the video converters: analog video/SDI to DVI-D and analog video/EGA/CGA to DVI-D.

Switch between video sources

Switch between four different video sources using the Video to PC/HDTV Switching Scaler. To switch between sources, just push the front-panel display buttons or use the included IR remote control. Optionally, for even more convenience, switch using serial commands from a console plugged into its serial DB9 port.

Component Video Converters and Scalers

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