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Group Encryption white paper

Secure your network, secure your premises.

Protecting your data inside and out.

Data security breaches make the news every day. Records are stolen. Privacy is compromised. These security failures are both expensive and embarrassing to any organization.

Data threats can happen when the network is attacked from the outside by way of the Internet. Or the network may be attacked from the inside by, for instance, a hacker simply plugging into an open Ethernet port inside your building. Another area where your data is in danger is when it’s in motion from one network to another via the Internet or a leased line. Sometimes the threat to data is a physical threat that destroys equipment, for instance, excess heat, water from burst pipes, or a sudden power surge.

Every organization needs a comprehensive security plan that covers everything from computer viruses to natural disaster. Black Box can help.


Black Box security solutions.

  • » EncrypTight™
    Transparent wire-speed encryption up to 10 Gbps for data in motion with no need to set up VPN tunnels.
    Info Security Products Guide 2013 Silver Award
  • » ServSwitch™ Secure
    Access classified and unclassified networks from the same keyboard, monitor, and mouse.
  • » iCOMPEL™
    Digital signage that informs and educates, and also doubles as an emergency notification system.
    iCOMPEL Awards
  • » AlertWerks™
    Guards mission-critical IT equipment against physical threats such as heat, humidity, and water.
  • » LockPORT™
    Put network ports under lock and key with locking patch cables and port locks.


Security resources:

White papers

» Group Encryption: The Key
   to Protecting Data in Motion.

» Top 10 Network Mistakes.

» Physical Network Security.

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