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Power over Ethernet (PoE) Mid-span Injectors

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Easily add PoE devices to existing network links with PoE Injectors.

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PoE injectors give you a quick, safe, and economical way to add PoE to existing non-PoE network links. Simply run your Ethernet line through the injector to power remote VoIP phones, surveillance cameras, wireless access points, and other PoE equipment. Instead of buying new network switches, injectors are practical when you only need to add a few PoE devices.

PoE Gigabit Injectors


  Ports Form Capacity Management Part Number
PoE (802.3 af) 1 Desktop 19 W Unmanaged LPJ000A-F-R2
  8 Rackmount 125 W Unmanaged LPJ008A-F
  8 Rackmount 125 W Managed LPJ008A-FM
  16 Rackmount 250 W Unmanaged LPJ016A-F
  16 Rackmount 250 W Managed LPJ016A-FM
  24 Rackmount 370 W Unmanaged LPJ024A-F
PoE+ (802.at) 1 Desktop 33 W Unmanaged LPJ001A-T
  8 Rackmount 269 W Unmanaged LPJ008A-T
8 Rackmount 269 W Managed LPJ008A-TM
  16 Rackmount 538 W Unmanaged LPJ016A-T
  16 Rackmount 538 W Managed LPJ016A-TM

PoE Injectors

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