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Power over Ethernet media converters from Black Box. Provide PoE to distant locations.

Connect copper to long-distance fiber links to power PoE devices on the copper side.

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Break through the 100-meter Ethernet limit with PoE media converters. You can extend PoE up to 20 kilometers by incorporating fiber into your network.

PoE power source equipment (PSE) (PSE) media converters enable you to extend your network over long-distance fiber links. Add a converter to connect the fiber link to copper to power PoE devices, such as cameras and access points, up to 100 meters from the converter and the nearest electrical outlet.

PoE powered device (PD) media converters bridge long-distance fiber optic Ethernet segments with copper cabling without requiring a power supply. They receive power via PoE.

PoE Media Converters

 Copper Fiber Fiber TypeConnectorDistancePart Number
PoE 802.3af Desktop19 W19 WUnmanagedLPJ000A-F-R2
 8Rackmount125 W125 WUnmanagedLPJ008A-F
 8Rackmount125 W125 WManagedLPJ008A-FM
 16Rackmount250 W250 WUnmanagedLPJ016A-F
 16Rackmount250 W250 WManagedLPJ016A-FM
 24Rackmount370 W370 WUnmanagedLPJ024A-F
PoE+ 802.at1Desktop33 W33 WUnmanagedLPJ001A-T
 8Rackmount269 W269 WUnmanagedLPJ008A-T
8Rackmount269 W269 WManagedLPJ008A-TM
 16Rackmount538 W538 WUnmanagedLPJ016A-T
 16Rackmount538 W538 WManagedLPJ016A-TM


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