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Media Converters

Media converters interconnect different cable types such as twisted pair, fiber, and coax within an existing network.

Media converters enable you to connect different types of media, such as twisted pair, fiber, and coax, within a network. The most common use for media converters is to insert fiber segments into copper networks. This enables you the ability extend your Ethernet network beyond the 100-meter limit imposed by copper cable.

With one of the largest selections of commercial and industrial media converters in the industry, you'll find the right one for your application. For enterprise-wide systems, choose from chassis-based converters. To connect VoIP phones or take fiber to the desktop, select mini converters that tuck behind your PC. To power distant wireless access points and security cameras, choose PoE converters. You can even add 10-Gig extension with media converters.

Media converter choices include:
• Multimode and single-mode fiber.
• 10-, 100-, 1000-Mbps and 10-Gbps Ethernet.
• BNC (ThinNet).
• SFPs.
• RS-232.
• T1/E1.


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FlexPoint Fiber-to-Fiber Mode Converter, ATM OC-3, 1300-nm Multimode to 1300-nm Single-Mode, 5 km to 28 km, SC to SC


Add distance to your ATM network by converting multimode to single-mode fiber.



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Modular Media Converter Conversion Module, 10BASE-T/100BASE-TX/Multimode, 1300-nm, ST, 2 km


Convert 10- or 100-Mbps segments between twisted-pair and multimode fiber in half- or full-duplex mode.



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FlexPoint T1/E1 to Fiber Line Driver, Multimode, 5 km, SC


Use fiber cabling to extend T1/E1 communications as far as 5 kilometers!



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Standard Media Converter Switch, 10-/100-Mbps Copper to 100-Mbps Fiber, 115-VAC, Multimode, MT-RJ


Switch and convert 10-/100-Mbps copper to 100-Mbps fiber in office areas.



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Dynamic Fiber Conversion System, 2-Slot Power Chassis, Managed, for Desktop Use, AC Powered


This compact managed chassis serves as a remote unit for the Dynamic Fiber Conversion System.


Results 82-90 of 549 << < 6 7 8 9 10 > >> 

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