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Ethernet Extenders

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Break the 100-meter barrier and extend your Ethernet network.

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xDSL, a term that encompasses the broad range of digital subscriber line (DSL) services, offers...

An Ethernet extender for every application, every environment.

Ethernet extenders give you the ability to extend your network well beyond the 100-meter IEEE 802.3 limit. Use them to establish high-speed network links between geographically separated LANs in different parts of a building, across campus, and even across town many miles away. If you can use existing infrastructure, Ethernet extension becomes that much more economical because you don’t need complicated or expensive new wiring schemes.

Commercial environments

In commercial environments, the most common application is to extend 10/100/1000-Mbps over 2- or 4-wire twisted pair cable. Other applications can include extension over coax or fiber cable and T1/E1 circuits.

Industrial environments

In industrial environments, extenders may be used over twisted-pair, coax, or fiber cable for making RS-232/422/485 equipment connections.

PoE applications

To power distant security cameras, access points, even traffic control equipment, choose PoE extenders.

Wireless applications

Wireless connections enable you to extend your network in difficult or remote environments.

For help in choosing the best extender for your application, contact our pre-sale application engineers.

Most Popular Ethernet Extenders

Distance (Max.) Type Speed (Max.) PoE Ports Model
8 km Commercial 11 Mbps 4 LB522A-R2
8.5 km Commercial 5.7 Mbps 1 LB510A-R2
1.2 km Commercial 100 Mbps 1 LBPS01A-KIT
1.9 km Industrial 50 Mbps 1 LB300A-R3
1.9 km Industrial 50 Mbps 4 LBPS304A
2 km Industrial 30 Mbps 4 LB304A

Networking Extenders

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