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ServSwitch Freedom

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Fast, easy switching simply by moving a mouse

Streamline control.

ServSwitch™ Freedom is a flexible, four-port, professional-grade K/M switch that provides immediate savings in both desk space and the time required to access and control multiple systems and screens.

  • •  Simplifies USB keyboard/mouse access to multiple computers.

  • •  Ideal for banking and financial markets, and command and control centers.

  • •  Makes for speedy switching between monitors from a trader’s desk.

  • •  Supports “quick fire” switching via hotkeys, a mouse, or front-panel buttons.


Simplify switching.

  • •  Exclusive Glide and Switch technology enables a user to quickly switch between up to four CPUs simply by moving a mouse.

  • •  Just one USB keyboard and mouse can fulfill functions that previously required four separate sets.

  • •  Video independent.

  • •  Automated mouse switching— supports the extra keys and features of enhanced keyboards.


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Get fast, easy switching simply by moving a mouse. See a demo of how to streamline control with ServSwitch Freedom.

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ServSwitch Freedom


Switching between four separate computer systems is as simple as moving a mouse from one monitor to another.



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ServSwitch Freedom Spare LEDs


Additional LEDs for the KV0004A-LED controller.



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ServSwitch Freedom LED Monitor Identification Kit


This kit assists users of the ServSwitch Freedom to be aware of which screen is active and the location of the mouse pointer.


Results 1-3 of 3 1 

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