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The most common use for media converters is to insert fiber segments into copper networks to extend the Ethernet network beyond the 100-meter copper limit.

With one of the largest selections of hardened media converters in the industry, you'll find the right one for your application. They're designed to operate in extreme temperatures, have hardened IP-rated cases, and for maximum redundancy, many offer multiple power options. To power equipment in hard-to-reach locations with limited access to power, choose the PoE converters.

  • A. Operations Center: Extenders, Switches, UTP, Fiber, Coax, and Wireless Connections
  • B. Guard Station: Ethernet Extenders, Twisted-Pair to Operations Center
  • C. Building 2: Fiber to Operations Center
  • D. Parking Lot Security Cameras: Coax
  • E. Building with Wireless Connections

  • Industrial Media Converter Selection Guide

    Fiber Connector 10-/100-Mbps Gigabit Ethernet Gigabit Ethernet with PoE
    MM SC LIC022A-R2 LGC320A-R2 LGC5301A
    ST LIC023A-R2
    SM SC LIC024A-R2 LGC321A-R2 LGC5302A
      ST LIC025A-R2
    SFP LC LGC340A LGC5300

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