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Pro Switching System
The Pro Switching System is an intelligent Layer 1 A/B gang switching, chassis-based solution that does not look at data, only at physical connections, like an “intelligent patch panel.”

Advantages of Layer 1 vs. 2/3 Switches

  • •  Less complex, more reliable. Easier to install.
  • •  No misconfigured network protocols.
  • •  No firmware or software upgrades to manage.
  • •  Independent of data rates, formats, and protocols, so they're future-proof investments.
  • •  Air-gap isolation means inherently secure network connections, especially important in military, government, and other high-security applications.
  • •  System continues to pass data even when powered off, making it a “green” solution.
  • •  Highest performance: CAT6 supports 10GbE, or use fiber at the speed of light.

What makes Pro Switching different?

The Pro Switching System uses proprietary micro-mirrors and relays to provide electrical/optical continuity through the connected path and true air-gap isolation in the disconnected path.

It's transparent to data rates, formats, and protocols.

It continues to pass data even without power.

Gang A/B Network Switch

    Pro Switching System, 2U:

  • •  Blade-based 2U 19" rackmount chassis, 18 slots, supports multiple power supplies.
  • •  Up to 16 switch cards per chassis.
  • •  Daisychain multiple chassis together for up to 255 switch ports.
  • •  Control via front panel toggle, eternal dry contact closure, RS-232 serial control, or IP-Ethernet port (telnet, SNMP, Web browser or included JAVA-based GUI).

    Pro Switching System Plus, 4U:

  • •  4U 19" chassis; controller card supports redundant power option.
  • •  Up to 16 switch cards per chassis.
  • •  Daisychain multiple chassis together for up to 4080 switch ports.

Gang A/B, A/B/C, and A/B/C/D Switch

A/B Gang Switching System

    Network Backup Switches:
  • •  Multiport switching prevents lost productivity and costly network downtime.
  • •  Provides A/B switching between fiber SC multimode terminated circuits.
  • •  Latches the A/B position to keep signals moving even if power is lost.
  • •  Switch manually, electronically via a local RS-232 console, or remotely over a TCP/IP network.
  • •  Lockable switch with removable key for securing gang-switching control.
  • •  Features highly reliable micro-mirror optical switching mechanisms.

Possible Application

Network Disaster Recovery

Air Traffic Control

Backup of Network

Remote Control

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