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ClimateCab Cabinets: Cool the cabinet, not the room…2014 winner

Build, upgrade, and cool your data center with a trusted data center expert. Call a Black Box data center cooling specialist at 888-433-5049 to learn more.

Optimize your data center to improve productivity, streamline operations, reduce costs, and increase performance.

Whether you have a couple racks, a large data center, or anything in between, Black Box will recommend the right solution for your situation.

Climate-Controlled Cabinets

Like a self-contained data closet: Install equipment without the need for additional cooling or costly infrastructure.

High Density Liquid Cooling

Reduces the energy consumption required for cooling by 50% or more.

In-Row Cooling

Largest Cooling capacity in the industry—up to 75kW per cooling unit.

Containment & Accessories

Save money and increase efficiency with containment.

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Results 37-32 of 32 < 1 2 3 4 

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