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Cold Front Liquid Cooling: Save energy and money

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Use high-density liquid cooling at the rack level to cut power and cooling costs by 50%.
Harness the cooling power of liquid in your data center with Cold Front Liquid Cooling. Cold Front is the perfect solution for tightly packed server rooms or high-density enclosures. It works to sensibly cool a data center enclosure and lowers the total cost of ownership by reducing both energy and space requirements.


Conserve energy while saving money with liquid cooling solutions.

  • Reduces the energy consumption required for cooling by 50% or more.
  • Doesn't require raised floors or hot/cold aisle configurations.
  • Installs right on existing cabinets.
  • Because you add Cold Front™ units as you add computing power, you don't pay for infrastructure that you don't need.

Liquid cooling solutions neutralize cabinet heat.

  • Heat-Transfer Doors neutralize heat at the source—use them alone or with the Coolant Management System.
  • Coolant Management System intelligently moves water through Heat-Transfer Doors.
  • No moving parts, so the system operates reliably with virtually no maintenance.
  • Supports five times the computing power of air-cooled facilities.

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Cold Front Heat-Transfer Door, 42U, 24" Wide, Bottom Feed


Use liquid cooling to cut power and cooling costs in your data center by 50% or more!

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