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FREE WHITE PAPER: Future-proof your network with fiber.

Fiber Optic Cable Your Way. In stock and ready to ship.

Future proof your network with fiber.
Bulk fiber optic cable cut to the exact length you need

Save money and reduce waste with fiber optic cable in the exact length you need.

Save time. Black Box stocks an extensive selection of every type of cable.

Choose from guaranteed-for-life multimode and single-mode cable with 6-, 12-, and 24-fiber strands.

Custom-Length Bulk Fiber Cable

Don't see what you need? Just ask. We'll get it for you!


Distribution Style
Use these tight-buffered cables for short, dry conduit runs in either riser or plenum applications. The fibers can be directly terminated inside a patch panel or enclosure.

Make fiber assemblies to the exact length you need for neat and tidy data center and cabinet connections.

Save on labor and materials. Run armored cable anywhere in your building—no ducts required.


Loose Tube
Use in conduit or or lashed to a messenger for outside-plant runs. The fiber core, cladding, and coating are enclosed within semi-rigid protective sleeves or tubes to protect the cable.

Run armored cable between buildings in campus settings. Corrugated-steel armor is crush- and rodent-resistant in direct bury applications


Distribution Style
Use these tight–buffered cables for campus network cabling runs between and within buildings. No need to terminate within 50 feet of a building's entrance.

Run these rodent–resistant cables between and within buildings.

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