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3-Series CAT5e/6/6A Premium Patch Cables

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3-Series Lockable Cables

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3-Series Lockable Cables Demo

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One cable, three levels of security.

These guaranteed-for-life CAT5e/6/6A cables give you three levels of security, depending on the locking pin option you choose.

1. Red: Locked. Prevent unauthorized access and tampering. Requires a tool to unlock.
2. Green: Secured. Prevent accidental port disconnects. Manual pin removal.
3. No Pin: No tools required. Protected. Patented hard-polymer boot protects the connector and cable.

Secure network ports—only when you need to.

Use these high-performance cables for all your network applications and connections, including CAT6A F/UTP, CAT6 UTP and S/FTP, and CAT5e UTP and F/UTP. Then when you need to secure network ports, you can in seconds. Just slip an optional Locking Pin into the tab on the patented LockPORT™ boot. Choose from two Locking Pin options. The red pin can only be released with the Removal Tool. The green pin is released by squeezing the butterfly tabs.

Protect mission-critical network ports from unauthorized access and removal.

Prevent accidental disconnects and downtime, particularly in industrial and manufacturing applications.

These cables offer easy Layer 1 security for many environments including healthcare, education, finance, government, transportation, retail, and more.

Red Lock

The hard-polymer boot and plug are integrated for better strength and strain-relief and to prevent tampering.

Green Lock

To secure network ports, slip a Locking Pin into the built-in locking tab on the patented boot.

Red Lock

No Pin: Use for everyday network connections.

Green Lock

Red Locking Pin: Requires a tool for removal.


Green Locking Pin: Squeeze the butterfly tab to release.

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3-Series Lockable Patch Cables

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