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CAT6 Patch Cable

Basic 250-MHz cables that meet all TIA specs and are guaranteed for two years. The cables have PVC jackets and are available in single, 5-, 10-, and 25-packs. Choose from 11 lengths and 8 colors. Scroll down to see all colors.

Choose length and color for your needs.
  Blue Gray Yellow Orange Green Red Black White
1-ft. CAT6PC-001-BL CAT6PC-001-GY CAT6PC-001-YL CAT6PC-001-OR CAT6PC-001-GN CAT6PC-001-RD CAT6PC-001-BK CAT6PC-001-WH
2-ft. CAT6PC-002-BL CAT6PC-002-GY CAT6PC-002-YL CAT6PC-002-OR CAT6PC-002-GN CAT6PC-002-RD CAT6PC-002-BK CAT6PC-002-WH
3-ft. CAT6PC-003-BL CAT6PC-003-GY CAT6PC-003-YL CAT6PC-003-OR CAT6PC-003-GN CAT6PC-003-RD CAT6PC-003-BK CAT6PC-003-WH
4-ft. CAT6PC-004-BL CAT6PC-004-GY CAT6PC-004-YL CAT6PC-004-OR CAT6PC-004-GN CAT6PC-004-RD CAT6PC-004-BK CAT6PC-004-WH
5-ft. CAT6PC-005-BL CAT6PC-005-GY CAT6PC-005-YL CAT6PC-005-OR CAT6PC-005-GN CAT6PC-005-RD CAT6PC-005-BK CAT6PC-005-WH
6-ft. CAT6PC-006-BL CAT6PC-006-GY CAT6PC-006-YL CAT6PC-006-OR CAT6PC-006-GN CAT6PC-006-RD CAT6PC-006-BK CAT6PC-006-WH
7-ft. CAT6PC-007-BL CAT6PC-007-GY CAT6PC-007-YL CAT6PC-007-OR CAT6PC-007-GN CAT6PC-007-RD CAT6PC-007-BK CAT6PC-007-WH
10-ft. CAT6PC-010-BL CAT6PC-010-GY CAT6PC-010-YL CAT6PC-010-OR CAT6PC-010-GN CAT6PC-010-RD CAT6PC-010-BK CAT6PC-010-WH
15-ft. CAT6PC-015-BL CAT6PC-015-GY CAT6PC-015-YL CAT6PC-015-OR CAT6PC-015-GN CAT6PC-015-RD CAT6PC-015-BK CAT6PC-015-WH
20-ft. CAT6PC-020-BL CAT6PC-020-GY CAT6PC-020-YL CAT6PC-020-OR CAT6PC-020-GN CAT6PC-020-RD CAT6PC-020-BK CAT6PC-020-WH
25-ft. CAT6PC-025-BL CAT6PC-025-GY CAT6PC-025-YL CAT6PC-025-OR CAT6PC-025-GN CAT6PC-025-RD CAT6PC-025-BK CAT6PC-025-WH


Black Box Connect vs. Black Box Premium Cables
Black Box Connect GigaTrue Premium


250 MHz 550 MHz
ETL Verified -
Gold Contacts 3 Micron 50 Micron
Conductor 26 AWG Stranded 24 AWG Stranded
Boot Molded Snagless Basic, Snagless, Lockable
Jacket PVC PVC, Plenum
Shielding UTP UTP, F/UTP
Colors 9 Up to 11
Lengths 11 14
Custom Lengths -
Warranty 2 Years Lifetime



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Results 46-54 of 353 << < 6 7 8 9 10 > >> 

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