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ClimateCab™ Cabinets: Climate-controlled cabinets that protect delicate electronics from heat, dirt, moisture, and tampering. Call 888-433-5049 to speak with a technical sales specialist.

Cool only the cabinet
not the entire room!

  • •  ClimateCab enables you to install equipment without the need for additional cooling or costly infrastructure.
  • •  Includes digitally controlled air-conditioners available in 5000-, 8000- or 12,000 BTUs and 120V or 230V.


Shield delicate equipment
from harsh environments.

  • •  NEMA 12 rated; protects against falling dirt; circulating dust, lint, and debris; and dripping or splashing liquids in indoor environments.
  • •  Ideal for remote locations, wiring closets, and industrial environments.
  • •  Gasketed openings help to protect your devices from dust and other contaminants.
  • •  Safety glass windows.


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