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iCOMPEL EDS Manager Software License  

A powerful, highly scalable—yet affordable—digital signage solution for the enterprise.


Extended Double Diamond™ Warranty Available
(90 DAY)

Product Highlights

  • More features than similarly priced enterprise product bundles.
  • Easy to scale as your network grows in size and geographical diversity.
  • Ideal for both multisite corporate networks and ad-based networks.

  • Description

    iCOMPEL EDS Manager Software License

    Quick Facts

  • More features than similarly priced enterprise product bundles.
  • Easy to scale as your network grows in size and geographical diversity.
  • Ideal for both multisite corporate networks and ad-based networks.

  • Further Details

  • Complete control via a standard Web browser connection.
  • Depending on server environment, supports thousands of screens.
  • Pushes digital content across a campus or across the world.
  • All licenses are perpetual—no year-after-year renewals.
  • Easy for beginners to master, yet advanced in capabilities.
  • Simplified central management of content and playlists.
  • Multimedia support: video, Flash®, HTML, RSS, MPEGs, and more.
  • Easy drag-and-drop tools for screen layout and design.
  • Intuitive, content-centric interface for content creation.
  • No Flash skills needed to create professional effects.
  • Plays content in specific screen zones or at full screen.
  • Supports playing of stored, streaming, and live media.
  • Group player control for segmenting content distribution.
  • Advanced playout reporting and alert reporting features.
  • Local "ad hoc" control for updating content at the screen.
  • Store-and-forward distribution; doesn't consume WAN bandwidth.
  • Enterprise-grade security and built-in permission manager.
  • Detailed per-account/per-user security and settings.
  • Global time zone support for playout at correct local times.
  • Auto-Video/Auto-Picture features for easy uploads by external users.
  • Multilanguage support for users in different countries.
  • VMware® application for loading on an existing server.
  • Installs on any host operating system that supports VMware virtualization.
  • Ideal for cloud computing environments where the virtualized server is hosted elsewhere.

    Create and manage digital signage content more easily in large, multisite networks with the iCOMPEL™ EDS Manager from Black Box.

    This enterprise-level solution gives you total control and visibility of signage deployed at the corporate, central administrative office, or government agency level. A VMware® virtual server and publisher application, it enables you to supply professional-caliber content to large signage networks as well as remotely located networks.

    It's a cost-saver, too. With iCOMPEL EDS, you can build and broadcast (or narrowcast) eye-catching content without adding any technical or creative staff. The platform provides direct links to HTML content and RSS feeds, and supports IPTV content streamed from an external streaming device of your choice.

    What's more, it gives you the ability to fully leverage the revenue-generating potential of ad-based networks. It supports aggregates from ad networks, and advanced playout reporting features make it possible to validate proof of play—ideal for billing clients in digital out-of-home advertising networks.

    Plus, through player grouping or meta tagging (license required), you can give media buyers the flexibility to choose where and when their ad is shown. This dynamic function ensures that advertisers get maximum attention at the point of sale.

    Supports many media formats.
    The iCOMPEL EDS Manager Appliance has a Windows operating system and enables you to update screen content from anywhere. Change presentations, customize messaging for specific audiences, issue alerts, and more. You just need an Internet connection with a compatible Web browser running a Flash plug-in.

    Because it supports many media formats, you can combine video with scrolling text, photos, Flash, and Web content. In addition to HTML and RSS media, it handles H.264, MPEG2, MPEG4, and QuickTime® media; multicast video; JPEG and PNG images; MP3 audio; and more. It accepts streaming video, and touchscreen functionality is included at no extra charge.

    Add subscriber players to reach screens anywhere.
    For each screen, you just add an iCOMPEL EDS Subscriber with Software License (EDS-SS10). The iCOMPEL EDS Manager application acts as a virtual server for all your multimedia files, sending media over a network to any number of subscriber players—even on the other side of the world.

    Scaling to a multichannel network with many screens at geographically isolated sites is simply a matter of adding more iCOMPEL EDS Subscribers to your configuration.

    Player operation verification and alert reporting functions ensure smooth 24/7 operation. From a central or remote workstation, you can see how many players are on-line, off-line, and/or in an error state. It can also send e-mail error notifications to a system administrator.

    And for easy global enterprise integration, the platform supports multiple languages: not only English, French, German, Italian, Portuguese, and Spanish, but also Danish, Swedish, Norwegian, Polish, Czech, Russian, Arabic, Greek, and Simplified or Traditional Chinese.

    Intuitive control of folders and playlists.
    The iCOMPEL EDS Manager software gives you an intuitive platform for creating signage presentations, scheduling playout, and grouping subscriber players.

    Fully manage presentations using playlists and tools that provide you with drag-and-drop control from a browser.

    From the Playlist Management screen, begin building screens by dropping media into template zones. Combine video and multicast streams with text, tickers, Web content, images, Flash, and audio. It supports 1080p video decoding as well as Flash and HTML media natively.

    RSS ticker text is easy to add with iCOMPEL EDS. Tickers can be horizontal, vertical, or block style—great for speedy readers annoyed by ticker crawls.

    Full-screen or multizone layout configuration.
    The iCOMPEL EDS Manager software supports full-screen and multizone layouts. Screens can be set up in 90º rotated portrait mode or landscape configurations. They can be in a kiosk or in a touchscreen application for customer interaction—no extra touch licenses need to be purchased; this support is built into the platform.

    Content playout can be at specific times in specific zones or at full screen. Zone, composer, or full-screen playlists or a queue of playlists can be scheduled for playout at specific times. Every zone in the display layout can play content independently from each other. The iCOMPEL EDS Subscriber automatically synchronizes content and starts playout of scheduled playlists.

    You can also give "ad hoc" privileges to remote users right at the screen. The Simple User Interface function makes it easy for office staff and location managers to make changes to specific playlists by using a simple forms-driven interface. This is ideal for welcome screens or meeting room information boards. Even better, you can set limits on which fields remote users can change, so they don't inadvertently make a mess of your presentations.

    Sophisticated content creation and authoring tools.
    The iCOMPEL EDS software features a "composer" tool for creating screen layouts in a snap. Using this unique tool, you can create special effects without working within Flash.

    Use it to:
    • Configure dazzling effects for page transitions, image reflection, shadowing, rounded corners, and more.
    • Create impressive transparent layering of objects using alpha color background settings.
    • Adjust, resize, position, and layer zones within a screen layout with a simple click and drag.
    • Set pixel-exact positioning. Just key in an object's X and Y coordinates and the width and height.

    What's more, the composer enables you to set timings on image transitions and page rotations. Also, objects can be animated in or out of a page based on comprehensive animation.

    More media management and formatting features.
    Loading a video is as simple as selecting a video and dragging it to the workspace. Then place it where you like and resize it by dragging a handle on the bottom corner. Guidelines help you align content precisely, and you get an immediate preview of a screen before it's added to a playlist.

    You can also format text so it's consistent with your branding. Set the type, size, style, weight, and color of fonts as well as control their scroll speed across the screen and their alignment in a frame.

    There's also a Kiosk mode that makes it easy to create interactive menus, either from the composer or zone-based HTML pages.

    Want to test drive the iCOMPEL EDS?
    We can set you up with temporary, on-line access to the iCOMPEL EDS Manager portal, as well as provide on-demand webinars. You'll be able to see how well it works for you before purchasing. Simply contact one of our Digital Signage Success Managers at 724-873-6565 or contact Black Box Tech Support.

    Also call us at 724-873-6565 or contact Black Box Tech Support for pricing and server licensing information. We'll recommend an iCOMPEL solution based on your exact needs.

  • Technical Specifications for iCOMPEL EDS Manager Software License:

    Browsers Supported PC: Internet Explorer® 7 or 8 and Firefox® 3.x or 4.x;
    Mac® OS: Firefox 4.x for Mac
    System Requirements Contact Black Box at 724-873-6565 to discuss system requirements for intended application

    NOTE: This product is not compatible with any standard iCOMPEL appliance or player (ICOMP, ICOMP-VID, ICOMP01-R2, ICOMP01-VID-R2, ICOMP02-H, ICOMP03-H, ICOMP02-S, ICOMP03-S) or any iCOMPEL Deployment Manager (ICOMP-IDM).
    This product works with:
    • iCOMPEL EDS Subscriber with Software License (EDS-SS10)
    • iCOMPEL WDS Wearable Digital Signage Player for EDS or MSM (WDS-M)
    Need assistance designing your enterprise system? Contact us at 724-873-6565.

    NOTE: Technical specification weight is the unit weight. It is not the packaged shipping weight. For shipping weight, please contact Black Box customer service at 877-877-2269.

    Resources for iCOMPEL EDS Manager Software License:

    Product Data Sheets


    • iCOMPEL Enterprise Digital Signage (EDS) Brochure
      Create compelling experiences that get compelling results. (Version 5)

    Connect your iCOMPEL EDS Manager Software License with:

    Accessory: EDS-SS10

    iCOMPEL EDS Subscriber with Software License

    iCOMPEL EDS Subscriber with Software License

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