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iCOMPEL Data Engine (iDE) Software, Standard Edition  

The easy, flexible way to bring live data to your iCOMPEL signage.


Sold As is with no warranty.

Product Highlights

  • Uses dynamic content integration to simplify signage management.
  • Provides connections to various data sources for graphical display.
  • Standard edition for use with a limited number of iCOMPEL publishers.

  • Further Details

  • Easy to set up and manage.
  • Runs on a Windows® OS platform.
  • Use to collect and cache many RSS feeds.
  • Enables display of XML files with style sheets.
  • Graphically displays live data on multiple iCOMPEL units.
  • Includes widgets for charts, tables, and calendar-type displays.
  • Delivers data to iCOMPEL players for dynamic Flash or HTML display.
  • Ideal for display of up-to-date product prices in retail PoS applications.
  • Supports easy integration into an existing iCOMPEL signage setup.

  • Capture, collate, and present data from an external system for easy graphical display on an iCOMPEL™ digital signage system.

    The iCOMPEL Data Engine (iDE) is a sophisticated software add-on that allows you to pull data from a number of fundamentally dissimilar third-party systems and sources for optimum integration with your content publishing system.

    Use the iDE, for instance, to query and collect data from a database or other data source for determining what type of content will be published to your signage at any given time. Publishing can be either directly to your signage or via subscribers once the subscribers have polled and updated their channel content.

    By using the iDE in your iCOMPEL application, you can significantly reduce the amount of time and resources needed to update content that's always changing (for example, signs that display product or space availability, prices, schedules, etc.). Read and process data from many different locations for display on one screen or multiple screens in your digital signage application using the iDE's many built-in tools.

    The iDE includes a Windows based Connection Manager application that enables you to manage which queries will be run automatically, as well as a Connection Editor interface for creating, modifying, and testing queries.

    For data collection, you can use the iDE to retrieve data from user-defined sources such as:
  • Relational databases, including Microsoft® SQL Server, Microsoft Access, Oracle®, Microsoft Exchange, and PostgreSQL.
  • Microsoft Office files, including Excel® spreadsheets.
  • Other files, including .CSV, .XML, and .TXT files.

  • Without the need to manually upload new info when data changes, you can deliver content more easily to visitors and other audiences in real time. For example, you can share company metrics and other key performance indicators all based on a scheduled data feed.

    It also has data formatting features. Use the iDE to output data dynamically in a graphical or text-based format for display on your iCOMPEL signage. And for data processing, you can use the iDC to execute application-specific logic on the data. If necessary, you can implement data processing code using any number of widely known programming languages, such as C#.

    Designed to operate unattended, the data engine can be linked to to calendar events, such as those in Google Calendar™ for content scheduling.

    What's more, through APIs, you can use XML-based commands to automate the integration of signage content. You can also use PLI (player local information) tags to set up conditional playout of information at specific screens. For example, program signage to play special welcome messaging based on data specified in the PLI tag info.

    The iDE also works with external control systems and sensors to trigger special content playout based on user-specified events. Just connect your iCOMPEL to external devices using a GPIO contact-closure connection (USB to RS-232 adapter required).

    This iDE version (the standard edition) supports data encryption. Order it for applications where you need to transmit data securely across the network. (The enterprise edition does not support encryption. )

    NOTE: For each iCOMPEL player on your network, you will also need to order the ICOMP-DATA-IN license.

    System Requirements
    When software is loaded on existing hardware:
    CPU Processor — Intel® Core 2 Duo, 2 GHz or better
    System RAM — 1 GB
    System Hard Disk Space — 160 GB
    Interface — (1) 10-/100-/1000-Mbps Ethernet

    This product works with:
  • iCOMPEL Data-In License (ICOMP-DATA-IN)
  • For applications with many iCOMPEL publishers, see our enterprise edition of this sofware (ICOMP-IDE-EE).
    Need assistance ordering your complete iCOMPEL system with data integration? Just contact our FREE 24/7 Tech Support.

    NOTE: Technical specification weight is the unit weight. It is not the packaged shipping weight. For shipping weight, please contact Black Box customer service at 1-800-316-7107.


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      Award-winning digital signage for 1 to 100s of screens. (Version 7)
    • Scalable, robust digital signage solution.
      Deliver more compelling digital signage with iCOMPEL. (Version 1)

    Accessory: ICOMP-DATA-IN

    iCOMPEL Data Engine (iDE) Data-In License for Standard Edition

    iCOMPEL Data Engine (iDE) Data-In License for Standard Edition

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    Sold As is with no warranty.

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