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Coax Cable-WANG Compatible Cable, Custom Lengths  

Coax cable custom made for IBM 3270 and WANG systems.


Extended Double Diamond™ Warranty Available

Product Highlights

  • Choose standard or custom lengths.
  • Use with IBM® 3270 equipment, WANG® equipment, or even BLACK BOX® Coax Protocol Converters or Coax Switches .
  • Guaranteed for life!

  • Description

    Dual WANG Compatible Cables, Plenum (CL2P), Custom Lengths

    Quick Facts

  • Choose standard or custom lengths.
  • Use with IBM® 3270 equipment, WANG® equipment, or even BLACK BOX® Coax Protocol Converters or Coax Switches .
  • Guaranteed for life!

  • Further Details

    Technical Specifications for Coax Cable-WANG Compatible Cable, Custom Lengths:

    Cable Construction ETN59: RG-59 a/u black PVC coax;
    ETN62: RG-62 a/u black PVC;
    ETN660: CL2P plenum coax (RG-62 a/u);
    Conductor Gauge ETN59, EVNCDC, EVNPCP: 23 AWG solid copper;
    ETN62, ETN660: 22 AWG solid copper
    Impedance ETN59, EVNCDC, EVNPCP: 75 ohms;
    ETN62, ETN660: 93 ohms
    Mutual Capacitance ETN59, EVNCDC:21.5 pF/ft.;
    ETN62, ETN660: 13.5 pF/ft.;
    EVNPCP: 19.6 pF/ft.
    Outside Diameter ETN59, ETN62: 0.242";
    ETN660: 0.203";
    EVNCDC: 0.495";
    EVNPCP: 0.450" nominal
    Resistance ETN59: 54.5 ohms/1000 ft.;
    ETN62: 62.7 ohms/1000 ft.;
    ETN660: 42.3 ohms/1000 ft.;
    EVNCDC: 54.5 ohms/1000 ft. maximum;
    EVNPCP: 52.5 ohms/1000 ft.
    Shield 34 AWG braided annealed copper
    CE Approval ETN660
    Connectors ETN59: BNC RG-59;
    ETN62, ETN660: BNC Coax;
    EVNCDC, EVNPCP: (1) BNC, (1) TNC
    NOTE: Coax Cable is for indoor use only. Specify BNC or TNC for Coax Cable.

    NOTE: Dual WANG Compatible Cable features (1) BNC and (1) TNC connector.

    NOTE: Technical specification weight is the unit weight. It is not the packaged shipping weight. For shipping weight, please contact Black Box customer service at 877-877-2269.

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