Comview Corporation is a leading provider of telecom and cost management services. Its Total Talk Management solution is a web-based system for managing all telecom usage sensitive information including PBX and VoIP call accounting, wireless voice and data, conference calling, calling cards, and more. All information is presented in a simple-to-use, fully integrated platform.

Comview’s Total Talk Management can provide all the benefits of a state-of-the-art system without having to manage and maintain it. This all inclusive service continuously monitors and validates all incoming data, provides report generation, monthly tariff updates, nightly backups, off-site storage, software upgrades, and more.

Total Talk Management can be purchased as a software license or on a monthly cost basis and includes the following applications:

• Total Talk Call Accounting
Enterprise application supporting unlimited locations, extensions, and users.

• Total Wireless Management
Complete solution to manage wireless usage including cell phones, smartphones, and air cards.

• Small Talk Call Accounting
Designed for small to mid-sized businesses, this offering supports up to 400 extensions and 4 locations.

• Total Professional Services
Augments Comview’s other services with PBX/VoIP optimization, wireless optimization, wireless RFP, and carrier procurement and negotiation services.

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