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Product Data Sheets (pdf)...Mobile Headsets

Product Data Sheets (pdf)...Plantronics Cordless Telephone Headset Amplifier

Black Box Explains...Microphone positioning.

Proper microphone positioning is especially important to take advantage of noise canceling microphones, which reject background noise.

For optimum performance, position the microphone one finger width away from your lower lip.

Product Data Sheets (pdf)...IP PBX Link-Up

Product Data Sheets (pdf)...Polycom® VoiceStation® 300

Black Box Explains... Ear Capsule Positioning

Many headset ear capsules fit awkwardly in the ear and make telephone professionals uncomfortable. If you wear a headset all day, that can really affect productivity. When choosing a headset,... more/see it nowmake sure the ear capsule has a hinge on it. This design enables you to adjust the headset for all-day comfort and better productivity. collapse

Product Data Sheets (pdf)...Pro-Fit Office Headset  2-in-1 Office Headsets

  • Manual... 
  • Call Router and Out-of-Band Network Switch User Manual
    User Manual for the TL500A (Version 2)

Product Data Sheets (pdf)...Flexie Telco Switches

Product Data Sheets (pdf)...Call Center Headsets

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