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  • RGBHV Stereo-Audio Fiber Extender Kit
    Installation and User guide (Jan-05)

Product Data Sheets (pdf)...VGA Extenders

Product Data Sheets (pdf)...Multi DVI Extenders

Product Data Sheets (pdf)...3D HDMI Fiber Extender

  • Video...AV-Over-IP Webinar from Black Box

    Sending high-quality images and video over a local area network (LAN) has never been easier or more advantageous. It&#39;s cost-effective, easy to implement, flexible and scalable, and has no distance... more/see it nowlimitations. Using an IP-based video distribution platform, such as the MediaCento&#8482; IPX, provides a whole new level of scalability compared to existing proprietary and coax systems. Any number of displays located anywhere in the building can receive video content through connection to the LAN. In addition to AV-over-IP solutions such as the MediaCento IPX, Black Box has a host of ProAV solutions, such as HDMI matrix switches, scalers, and video wall controllers collapse

Product Data Sheets (pdf)...Extended-Range HDMI and IR Extender

Product Data Sheets (pdf)...HD over IP Encoder/Decoder

Results 101-109 of 109 << < 11 


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