ServSwitch DTX solutions for KVM switching and IP-based extension.
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This Tips for Techs production spotlights Black Box’s next-generation KVM extender and multimedia solution: the ServSwitch™ DTX. Ideal for campus area network and backracked applications, as well as users in broadcasting or process control, the DTX works as both a KVM switch and an IP-based extender. Plus, it offers digital DVI connectivity for HD-quality video. Watch the video to see how easy it is to install the DTX server room transmitters and workstation receivers, set up matrix switching, and get virtual media access.
Today, we’re showing you how to set up long-range, IP-based KVM switching and enjoy HD-quality video in the process—all with the ServSwitch DTX. It supports IP connectivity and features digital DVI input, so you can link it to your latest high-resolution screens, whether you’re in broadcasting or another industry where precise video imaging and selection are required. From the harshest industrial environment to the cleanest office or medical environment, the multiplatform DTX does the job. It functions as both a KVM switch and an IP-based extender for USB or PS/2® workstations, depending on the model you order. Use the DTX to extend server KVM, audio, and USB peripheral signals to the workstations around your facility. It also works in campus area network applications for secure KVM over IP remote access. Using a suitable link, you can be at a building on the edge of your campus and use the DTX to switch between centrally located servers just as if you were in the next room. ... more/see it now But it’s most ideal for backracked applications where CPUs are locked in a room separate from users. Just install the DTX transmitters in the back server room and the receivers at the workstations. Users will then have easy access to resources safeguarded from the rest of the office. You can even set up matrix switching by adding a DTX Control Appliance. Through this enterprise management tool, users can point and click to hop from one DTX system to the next. Want to limit server access to certain users? Go ahead. The appliance puts that power in your hands. Plus, the DTX extender supports virtual media access. Just plug a portable storage drive into one of the four USB ports on the receiver and begin transferring media from a backracked server at network speed. How’s that for media access? The DTX is quickly becoming a favorite of TV broadcasting and multimedia production studios because it offers DVI video, CD-quality audio, and virtual USB functionality for connecting graphics tablets, jog wheels, and similar peripherals. But it’s also ideal for PSAP 9-1-1 call centers, classrooms and labs, factory process control, NOCs, setting up terminals in public areas, or anywhere you want to link to more than one CPU away from the desktop and get Hi-Def™ video. Want to connect two DVI monitors at a remote workstation? Then be sure to order the DTX Dual-Head Receiver. The BLACK BOX® ServSwitch DTX: Your HD-quality solutions for KVM extension and matrix switching in broadcasting, backracked, or CAD applications. collapse


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