Control server rooms from anywhere with KVM-over-IP solutions.
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Don¹t be bothered with a late-night visit to reboot or administer multiple servers. Do it remotely using the latest KVM-over-IP technologies, which enable you to use a browser-based connection even your cell phone or PDA to get servers back up and running. This video shows you the benefits of KVM-over-IP, recommends what to look for when choosing a KVP-over-IP solution, and touches on the capabilities of Black Box¹s own ServSelect IP VM KVM Switch.
Host Kevin O¹Leary: You know the situation. You¹re with the family, or at a game, or fast asleep, and the inevitable happens: The phone rings. And it¹s always the same. You have to go into work to get a server back up and running or do something else that can only be done using the keyboard, monitor, and mouse in the data center.

Wouldn¹t it be nice to not drop what you¹re doing to make a routine server room visit? With the latest IP-based technologies, you don¹t have to. These hardware-based KVM-over-IP tools combine KVM switching with remote server management to give you what we call the 3 C¹s: convenience, cost savings, and control.

The convenience is easy to imagine. You can use a browser-based connection, even your cell phone or PDA, to reboot or administer a roomful of servers remotely so you don¹t have to travel to the site at the most inconvenient... more/see it nowtime.

And the cost savings are numerous. In addition to reducing costly downtime, KVM over IP saves you in travel expenses, whether it¹s the gas for your car or having to book a last-minute flight to a server farm. And you don¹t have to install any software on your servers.

Plus, you have total 24/7 control over your servers from home‹or wherever you roam. React to problems immediately and prevent server room disasters. Plus, imagine how cool it is to control everything through your Blackberry® or iPhone®?

Worried about security? Just be sure your KVM-over-IP solution has password-protected access levels, as well as robust encryption and authentication features, such as support for DES, RSA, or even AES standards.

So what to choose? Well, there are many KVM-over-IP products available, such as ones that enable you to remotely reset power in host systems and others that give multiple users in multiple locations simultaneous access. There¹s also multiplatform support and models with redundancy and backup paths. And Black Box has them all, including our ServSelect IP VM KVM Switch, which gives four users control of more than 4000 multiplatform servers from anywhere in the world. Plus, it features virtual media support, so you can use a browser from home to move data between servers and USB devices at the office or at home. It makes applying patches and uploading data remotely a breeze!

For our full range of solutions, visit blackbox.com or call us. And be sure to ask about the ServReach line. It enables you to manage a matrix of servers around the world from a single remote control station. Also keep in mind, we¹re constantly expanding our KVM over IP line so you have what you need to bring greater convenience, cost savings, and control to your application. collapse


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