RapidRun™ is a revolutionary, easy to install audiovisual cabling system.
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RapidRun™ is a revolutionary new audiovisual cabling system that’s easy to install and, because it’s modular in design, it can be adapted quickly to match newer types of equipment connections. With this system, you can transmit audio and video signals over a single cable. No special tools or soldering are required for cable terminations.

Host: Rapid Run, a revolutionary new multi-use versatile interconnect system. Fast, Easy. Adaptable, RapidRun.

The first interconnect system designed to evolve with your customer’s changing needs. Ideal for schools, boardroom, auditorium, restaurant, digital signage, houses of worship, and home theater applications. RapidRun is easy to configure, easy to install, easy to terminate, and provides you with a modular infrastructure that changes as your equipment changes.

Under a single cable, RapidRun supports the following signal types:

  • UXGA video
  • Component Video
  • Component Video with Audio
  • Component Video with S-Video
  • S-Video with Audio
  • S-Video with Composite Video
  • Composite Video with Audio

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RapidRun’s modular cabling system consists of two main components. A base cable, called a Runner and a termination break-away that attaches to the Runner. Runners are available in two configurations: PC/Video Runners for UXGA computer presentation applications, and HT Runners for audio/visual applications like a home theater or corporate boardroom. The termination break-aways also come in two options: A break-away flying lead or a break-away Decora™ compatible wall plate all fitting together effortlessly and performing at the highest signal quality level. A variety of flying leads and wall plates are available for different applications. Mixing and matching them according to your customer’s evolving needs provides ongoing flexibility.

Whether it be media room, bedroom or boardroom…RapidRun is the ideal cabling solution. A simple example of RapidRun’s superior ease-of-use and flexibility includes a projector a screen and a DVD player. The DVD player plugs into a break-away Decora™ compatible wall plate that connects to the Runner. The Runner goes up the wall and to the ceiling projector. So, instead of pulling multiple cables, RapidRun supports multiple signal types with a single base cable. The Runner connects to a break-away flying lead. The lead ends connect to the projector which receives the signal and projects an image on the screen. But the real benefit comes in the future when you want to install a new projector with enhanced capabilities. All you have to do is attach new termination break-aways to your runner. Plug into the projector, and you’re ready to go. RapidRun’s small footprint makes it an installer’s dream especially compared to traditional cables. For example, several traditional cables are needed to carry the multiple signals required by newer components. It takes separate digital audio and component video cables to carry the signals that are transported by this one RapidRun Runner. In fact, together, these two Runners represent all the behind the scene cabling you need. The advantages of RapidRun are many RapidRun requires no special tools or training. The Runners are easy to install and the termination break-aways eliminate the need for splicing and soldering which saves time and prevents mistakes during the installation process. The Runners are available in two configurations to ensure that RapidRun works in every installation environment.

CL2, which is designed for use behind walls and underneath floors in residential and commercial applications and CMP rated plenum for applications that require the cable to be pulled through air plenum spaces. All RapidRun Runners can fit through a three quarter inch conduit and easily navigate a ninety-degree sweep. The pulling cap acts as a protective cover for the connector pins during installation and allows up to 15 pounds of pulling force to be used during installation. Signal integrity is maintained by shielding both the mini-coax conductors and the exterior cable. You don’t have to worry about matching cables either. RapidRun’s color-coded connections make the right configuration a snap and the online configurator makes selecting combinations easy RapidRun reduces costs through faster, more efficient installations while increasing your profits by allowing easy upgrades as the need arises.

The applications for RapidRun abound Board Rooms, Restaurants, Home theater, Schools, Churches and Auditoriums… There are a number of future applications in development as well. RapidRun gives your customers an easy to configure, easy to install and easy to terminate solution for today with the flexibility to change in the future. RapidRun…the revolutionary new cabling system that changes easily as systems evolve.



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