How to set up longer digital signage links with DVI video extenders.
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Extend high-definition video much farther and more affordably with Black Box® Multi DVI Extenders. This video spotlights the technology that makes it easy to set up digital signage and longer video links using copper and/or fiber optic cable.
Host Kevin O'Leary: Today, we’re helping you economically extend video from 10 feet to 10,000 feet—or more—with the revolutionary new Multi DVI Extenders for fiber and copper cable. These workhorses are just what you need to send digital video and audio room to room or far across your campus. But what’s really unique about them is they’re daisychainable, which means you can string a bunch together and get virtually unlimited distance for Hi-Def™ video—all for the price you’d normally pay for ordinary extenders. And because no boosters are needed, you can save thousands of dollars on equipment! This makes them great for digital signage or setting up long video links without spending a lot of money or sacrificing video quality—even on screens miles and miles away. Plus, they have pollable serial ports through which you can turn video on and off to get more life from your expensive displays. And did I mention they’re compact? That’s just what you need to set... more/see it nowup dazzling multimedia quickly, simply, and affordably. They’re ideal for trade shows, lobbies, retail settings, or anywhere you want to take your digital signage to the next level. Multi DVI Extenders—the budget-friendly building blocks to longer-distance digital video. collapse
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Multi DVI-D CATx Extender Receiver (DVI-D Only) AC1102A $1,483.65
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