Video Webinar…Are you ready for the wireless revolution?
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The wireless environment is changing—today’s IT professionals need to cope with many different mobile devices using their wireless networks. Watch this video webinar and learn how to provide complete wireless coverage for smartphones, iPad® tablets, and laptops while maintaining network security.
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SmartPath 602HA Antenna Kit LWN600A-ANTK $99.95
SmartPath Enterprise Wireless Access Point, Indoor (with Integrated Antennas), U.S. LWN602A $724.95
SmartPath Enterprise Wireless Access Point, Hardened (without Antennas), U.S. LWN602HA $1,074.95
SmartPath Enterprise Wireless Access Point, Hardened (without Antennas), International LWN602HAE $1,074.95
SmartPath Enterprise Wireless Access Point with Antenna Kit, Outdoor, U.S. LWN602WA $1,774.95


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