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About This Video
Hosted by George Borden, Digital Signage National Sales Manager for Black Box, this video shows how the iCOMPEL™ digital signage appliance can be used to improve sales and external and internal communications, and why it's a good choice over similar products on the market. The video also demonstrates the ease of integrating iCOMPEL into a network; using its built-in software to create dynamic, multizone multimedia screen presentations; and incorporating Web-based RSS feeds into digital signage. Plus, it covers how easy it is to stream different content at certain intervals throughout the day and summarizes how to choose an iCOMPEL model for your application.
George Borden, Black Box Digital Signage National Sales Manager (host):
Are your sales falling? Are you looking for a way to gain an edge on competition? Are you finding it more and more difficult to keep all your people on the same page and informed? Wouldn’t it be great if you could add an engaging salesperson, one who is always on- more