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Tasked with keeping CPUs or servers secure? Then watch this video tutorial to learn about KVM (keyboard/video/mouse) extension technology. It shows you how to use KVM extenders to put extra distance between CPUs and user consoles located in public areas. The educational video covers common applications for KVM extenders, such as schools and harsh industrial-control environments, and demonstrates how the extenders maintain high monitor resolutions at even extended distances. Later, the video goes over options for extending KVM signals wirelessly and over an IP-based connection, and spotlights extenders that feature integrated USB hubs and dual-video support.
In this Tips for Techs, we’re showing you how to protect and secure your computer CPUs with KVM extenders. These versatile devices enable you to locate a CPU away from a keyboard, monitor, and mouse—beyond what’s possible with standard PS/2 or USB extension cabling. They’re particularly good for moving CPUs to a safe and secure location in order to more